Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Canal No. 5............

Further to my earlier expose of Small Dog's odoriferous exploits this morning, she has taken to her bed in a huff, presumably at being denied the opportunity to stink like rotting carrion.

I've given her a few cautious sniffs but thankfully the only smell I can detect is the relatively pleasant aroma of dog shampoo.

However I can tell by the position of her ears that she is NOT pleased and is silently pledging solidarity with every other canine bath-despiser.

Of which there are many...........


  1. Hello small dog,
    Your fabulous blog has had me in stitches this morning! Bath wise my 2 small dogs are in total sympathy!!!!! Hope you have recovered now. We will all be keeping up with your adventures on here. Jain and small dogs Betty and Macy x

  2. Not only has she has a bath this week, she is due a trim as well.